Speech Therapy

Our licensed speech language pathologists provide services that are meaningful and interactive so your child is engaged and learning. Therapy is specialized for children ages birth through three. We focus on improving communication including receptive and expressive language skills. While improving communication and language skills, therapy will also address and aim to reduce the child's frustration.

Special Education

We provide a multi-disciplinary approach based on your child's specific needs. Certified special educators will work with your family and little one to reach their goals using a positive and proactive approach. Specializing in cognitive processes, communication, play, social skills and behavior management.

Occupational Therapy

Licensed professionals provide exceptional services to improve on youngster’s fine motor skills through a variety of fun, child friendly, activities. Therapy develops fine motor skills and self-help skills necessary for everyday life. Sessions may also integrate sensory and motor play.

Physical Therapy

Working together with the team our licensed physical therapist will work towards improving your child’s gross motor skills and movement. Therapy helps develop large muscle skills to improve a child’s daily living.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

A specialized teaching methodology we use to teach students following a systemic behavioral approach. ABA is mainly used for students with Autism or students who respond best to positive reinforcement and a structured way of learning.

Teacher of the Deaf

Specializing in children with hearing loss, cochlear implants and other hearing devices.

Family Training

Support for families dealing with challenging behaviors can be provided by our certified professionals who specialize in this domain. Professionals will work with the families to come up with plans that make sense for the family and child. Family training will also include techniques to generalize skills taught in the one on one sessions into the child's natural environment. This allows for the child and family to learn and grow together. We use a positive and pro-active approach in teaching in order to help our little ones navigate throughout their daily lives successfully.